Spotting Fake Radley

How to Spot a Fake Radley?

iluvRadleys understands that there are many fake Radley bags in the market and this has created a sense of insecurity among buyers. We are taking this seriously and therefore, we hope to share a few tips and knowledge so you are better equipped in combating fake Radleys.

1-Minute Tips

We have included an amazing post by winsmore_antiques from Ebay in identifying fake Radley.

Below is an example of a fake Radley Purse. You will notice the purse is shapeless, not what you would expect from a genuine Radley.You will also notice that the applique dog has got Radley embossed across the middle. The only dogs that Radley make with this on are the hanging bag charms as in the right picture.


Another way to spot the fakes are with white Radley labels.The fake labels have a red dog on the bottom the real ones dont.


Lastly the interior of your Radley bag  should look just as good as the exterior. Genuine bags are lined in a fine grade needlecord. Fake Radley bags are lined in a black satin (regardless of the colour of the bag). On a genuine Radley there will also be the signature label.

Old Label
New Label

Please read the Detailed explanations below as well.

Detailed Ways

In the Autumn/Winter of 2008, Radley has introduced a new authentication label in the form of an LCD printed label containing a form of Mirage technology. The Radley dog logo changes color from light to dark when you lift it up to the light.

All Radley bags have an aluminum dog logo inside, on which is embossed the RADLEY name. Radley is also embossed on the leather square beneath.

The Scottie dog tag on a Radley bags is attached to the bag in such a way that you can remove it easily. With fake Radley bags it is often difficult or impossible to remove this tag.

Radley bags have a glossy, cardboard label on the outside, there is no dog on this label.

The word 'Radley' is only embossed on the dog suspended on the tag on the outside of the bag.

Radley bags are sold with a set of leather care products. They are also supplied in a dustbag with drawstring.



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